I am Ahriman

from by ontogeny

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Guest solo from Max Seeman (Anomalous)



I am Ahriman
Incarnate in your eyes
In this plastic that we're trapped in
No hope will survive
The hidden brooding boiling over
From millennia of force-fed lies

Thought we snuck the debt
Into the hands of a child
But we won't outlive his borrowed time

Thought we could escape
The deamon's thirsting grips
To take solace in a grave
before the claws could rip
To leave behind a time bomb
A broken promised-laden baton

I'm carrying the burden of heavy ears and eyes
Whose sloth bodies are too weak to carry their own

We have arrived
to destroy all your antiques
Even if our ancient puppets
keep us entertained

Sucking you into my frequency
The consequence of your objects and lies
You're your own hollow prize
The worm that burrows into your center
That parasite drained all the soul and
Transferred it into mountains of data

You know my kinship
He liked to wrap himself
In righteousness
And sickening pride

I'm a compartment
That becomes a wedge
The grey lines painted black
Sold that mask to the masses
Because everyone and their curves
Are so fucking unique
And so fucking special

I know you need a piece of me
When there's nothing left to give
My face falls off
Spiraling sixth chakra
Onward to the crown
An empty silver vase
All you had was everything
Piles of gold and dust

I'm a vacuum of ego
And false enlightenment
The single hand
Patting its owner's back

If every soul has sold itself
Will the heart carry a price?
They line up for blood-shedding
Lured into an earth bound vice

Sold that veil to the masses
Because everyone and their cells
Are so fucking original
And so fucking definite
It's like you're the first
Like you have been chosen
To lead your brethren
In your sea of shit
Your objects and lies!
Your objects and lies!

You are Ahriman
Even as you leave behind
The grand delusions of past
Tomorrow's reaper casts
The shadow of confinement
Doomed to a walking prison
The sweet solitary agony
The purchase was your last

Sucked you down into that frequency
The consequence of your need for disguise
You were cut down to size
The snake that ate your center
That parasite drained all your love and
Converted it into death and hate


from Hymns of Ahriman, released January 11, 2014



all rights reserved


ONTOGENY San Francisco, California

Ontogeny is a progressive death metal band from San Francisco started in 2002. After many demos Ontogeny released the first full length album in 2005 "Pillars of Perversion". With the additions of Keith Grimshaw, Sam Zuerner and Chazz Mcconnell Discord and Disillusion was recorded and released. Ontogeny is currently seeking label representation for the 3rd full length Hymns of Ahriman in 2014. ... more

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