discord and disillusion


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released September 2, 2011

Nate Vennarucci- guitars
Keith Grimshaw- drums
Sam Zuerner- bass
Chazz McConnell- vocals - synths
Mica Maniac- additional vocals



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ONTOGENY San Francisco, California

Ontogeny is a progressive death metal band from San Francisco started in 2002. After many demos Ontogeny released the first full length album in 2005 "Pillars of Perversion". With the additions of Keith Grimshaw, Sam Zuerner and Chazz Mcconnell Discord and Disillusion was recorded and released. Ontogeny is currently seeking label representation for the 3rd full length Hymns of Ahriman in 2014. ... more

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Track Name: discord
this twisted path will not lead me to redemption
a curse forseen shadows the light
to eclipse the magical dream

instill in me faith to proceed until life ends
darken my eyes and slice my wings
i will need nothing to continue on

dont hope for anyth ing to come and rescue
my retreat into madness is my only saving grace
at one with my insane lament but tormented with normalcy
no longer one with truth but severed from reality

remain in obscurity
come join with me
and i will show you what it means to be saved
death and pain is a promise
nothing can change
divine gateway to deceipt
open the doors to expose the lies within

prayers for peace will go unanswered
there is no relief salvation can not be achieved with words

into the depths dont let depression rule your life
no radiance left in the sun solitude my only companion
leaving me to weep

deserted one of the angelic castaways left here to die all alone
this burden weakens all strength from my body
living amongst the lies leaves a faltered perception of mankind
lay dormant here stagnant in the complete isolation
as soon as you begin to see you will be gone.

and carried by earths turning i'm laid to rest
its sweet centered crest
the intentions of all dead in this journey
to complete its orbit around the sun

circulate your wisdom
dont let ignorance consume you
we are our own beings kepyt living by the knowledge of our own doom

a portrait painted with the colors of the sky
leaves it streaks
inside the psyche

cleanse the pallete of this filth and begin anew

there is no revolution
no answer sought ought
an unclean collabortation it wont be long until your left alone

breathe for the first time
awaken in the mass of eternity
light incised the sky emerging free from obstruction

strain for sight feeds my hunger for warning
to be born a gift from the unknown

death and pain is a promise
nothing can change
no paradise found within these eyes.